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Selling Private Investigator Devices, GPS Tracking Devices, and Wireless Covert Cameras in Vancouver BC | Private Investigator Services Vancouver BC

Provide additional security to your home and business in Vancouver BC through state-of-the-art security services and devices such as covert cameras, covert tracking devices, and private investigator services in Vancouver BC.

Global PI Supply has all the latest wireless covert surveillance cameras, DVR systems, cell phone and GPS car tracking systems, modern surveillance devices, and private investigator services to match your security needs in Vancouver BC. With our GPS tracking systems, wireless DVR systems, cell phone, wireless covert cameras and listening and recording devices, Vancouver BC residents and business owners can feel much more safe and secure in their properties. We also provide private investigator services in Vancouver BC for all interested clients.

Our private Investigator services and security devices have helped a lot of clients in Vancouver BC solve both their security and private/personal problems and concerns. With today’s escalating crime rate, private investigator services and equipment like wireless covert cameras, wireless DVR systems, GPS car tracking systems and the like could definitely not only prevent or discourage criminals from their acts but also assist private and police investigators in solving cases. If you want to be more secure, invest in quality wireless covert cameras, wireless DVR systems, GPS car and cell phone tracking systems and other security devices that can enhance your home and business’ safety and security.

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Frequency (RF) transmissions can mean security and power. This equipment is not only used as a crime deterrent, but it’s also used to help you monitor and respond to any emergency at any part of your home or business.

Global PI Supply has been servicing Investigative and personal security clients in the USA since 1995. We handle a full line of GPS tracking systems, wireless covert and overt cameras, digital voice recorders (wireless DVR systems), GPS car and cell phone tracking systems, telephone and audio recording security devices, voice changers, mini DVR recorders, a wide assortment of bug and camera detectors and much more.

In our featured items list, we have our most popular items: Sparks Nano GPS700, GPS 800, the DVR247 smartphone DVR camera and the d5300 digital recorder with 2GB internal memory and 16GB External.

Our continued growth has been accomplished through:
Integrity – Professionalism – Quality Products – Service – Fair Price
Browse our website to learn more about our wireless covert cameras, GPS car and cellphone tracking systems, wireless DVR systems, personal security devices, counter surveillance products and many more.

We are confident you will find what you are looking for. If you don’t, feel free to contact us through our on-line form located on our CONTACT page and submit a request.